Message from the Vice Chancellor
Africa Renewal University is a Christian institution of higher learning where we equip Christian leaders for the transformation of society.

The University is licensed by the Government of Uganda through Uganda National Council of Higher Education. The University is located in Buloba (20 kilometres from Kampala) on Mityana Road in a conducive and friendly environment for learning.

Though situated in Uganda, the University is international. The staff and students of the University come from many countries, including Kenya, South Sudan, Sudan, Rwanda, Burundi, Democratic Republic of Congo, Eritrea, USA, UK and Australia.

The University offers value-based education in all its programmes. It trains students in class through lecturers, and outside class through our community day programme, where all of us (staff and students) do work together to clean the University both inside and out. The University is also equipped with a good library that contains relevant books, journals and other online materials for teaching and research.

I encourage parents, churches, organizations and communities in Uganda, Africa and beyond to send their sons and daughters and employees to be trained at Africa Renewal University.

David Fugoyo, PhD
Vice Chancellor