University Chaplain

BaTH, MBA, Ph.D. Candidate

Renson serves as the University Chaplain, overseeing the spiritual activities of the University including Chapel, Student devotions, Mentoring, Community Day, Prayer, missions, etc He was a banker by profession having been trained as a banker in Banking and Finance Services.

He is one of the Pastors at Gaba Community Church in charge of the Swahili service and part of the discipleship ministry and the preaching team

 He has worked as a recruitment officer at Africa Renewal University in charge of mobilizing and later on appointed as a campus pastor overseeing the church at Campus which is a satellite of Gaba Community Church, the overseer of Buloba Child Development Project. This is a project of Africa Renewal Ministries that sponsors over 300 children from the Buloba community. This involves education, spiritual nourishment, management, and advocacy for the Children. 

Renson is married to Caroline Emmy Mwawasi and together they are blessed with four children. Immanuel Mwawasi, Glory Neema Mwawasi, Victorious Upendo Mwawasi, and Joella Furaha Mwawasi.