Business Administration

This program is designed to equip students with knowledge and skills to become outstanding Business Leaders, Managers and entrepreneurs who will not only meet but surpass the needs of the changing national and global business environment.

 It focuses on the planning, mobilization and utilization of human, financial and technological resources for the efficient achievement of the organization’s goals. Emphasis on equipping business professional with relevant business knowledge and skills as well as integrity are the distinctive of this program

Employment Options / Prospects

Students graduating with a Diploma(DBA), Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) OR Master in Business Administration (MBA) can land a variety of employment options in government, NGO sector, private sector and manufacturing sector. They will be able to assume responsibility for management tasks ranging from the top/strategic level, middle level and bottom level management or set up their own business and become self-employed.  Career options are diverse spanning from Business Managers, Marketing Executives, Accountants, Bankers, to Human Resource Managers and Entrepreneurs. Looking at the specific areas of specialization, the following employment areas are possible:

  • Accountant
  • Manager of Finance Institution
  • Project Manager
  • Bursar
  • Finance Officer /Manager
  • Financial Planner 
  • Credit Manager
  • Corporate Development Manager
  • Commercial Loan Manager
  • Bookkeeper
  • Auditor
  • Banker
  • Finance Analyst / Consultant 
  • Sales Manager
    • Human Resource /Personnel Manager
    • Human Resources Administrator
    • Human Resource Development Specialist
    • Job Placement Specialist
    • Employee Training Manager 
    • Labor Relations Specialist
    •  Employee Benefit Manager 
    • Marketing Executive 
    • Public Relations Specialist / Manager
    • Promotions and Marketing Manager
    • Market Research Analyst
    • Advertising Manager
    • Sales Manager
    • Customer Service Manager
    • Retail Manager 
    • Donor – Relations Manager (NGO Sector)


  • Business Development Manager
  • Director of  Operations 
  • Research and Development Specialist
  • Investment and Stock Broker
  • Business Consultant
  • Business Risk Consultant

Admission Criteria to this program

Candidates seeking admission through the direct entry scheme to Diploma in this Program require at least one principal Pass in Uganda Advanced Certificate of Education (UACE) and at least 5 passed and the same sitting in Uganda Certificate of Education (UCE). However, candidates with an academic certificate from a recognized institution of higher learning in a similar field will qualify for a diploma in this program.

Candidates seeking admission through the direct entry scheme to Bachelor’s degree in this Program require at least two principal Passes in Uganda Advanced Certificate of Education (UACE) and 5 passes in Uganda Certificate of Education (UCE) or a second Lower-division diploma in a similar field.

Candidates who do not meet the above criteria will be allowed to join and will be first admitted to a Higher Education Certificate which is an equivalence of A ‘level attended for 8 Months. Candidates who succeed in this course will be directly admitted to the program of their choice according to their level of performance.

This Program Only Apply to candidates who passed through A ‘level and didn’t meet the admission criteria. It also applies to international students with qualifications that do not qualify them direct entry.

Candidates seeking admission through the direct entry scheme to a Master’s Degree in this Program require at least a second Lower Division Bachelor’s Degree in a similar field.

Mode of Study

Online study and 2 weeks intensive’ class interaction during holidays for Master’s Degree and Full-time class sessions for Bachelors and Diploma

This program is conducted at three different study level i.e Diploma, Bachelor’s Degree and Masters

Duration of 2 years for a student to complete a diploma in This course, 3 years for a bachelor’s degree, and 2 years for a master’s.