Social Works and Social Administration

The program integrates cutting edge professional skills, a passion for transformation and integrity of character into social work practice, these graduates should be agents of holistic transformation in their localities and beyond

Uganda is in dire need of a dynamic generation of social work professionals who will reach out and make a difference. This can be made by empowering the population focus on the local untapped potential for production and reorganizing social institutions to serve the common good

A student will be able to engage the community’s u identifying and finding appropriate solutions to social, cultural, religious and political bottlenecks that hamper society’s progress.

Use advocacy and social analysis skills to highlight the rights of the unprivileged in society. Equip the population at risk with mitigation and coping mechanisms that reduce vulnerability to disasters and humanitarian emergencies.

Use administrative and conflict management skills to bring about reconciliation and peaceful coexistence of different levels of society

The Graduate of this programme can work with government/government agencies as:

  • District Probation Officer
  • Social Policy Analyst
  • District Liaison Officer
  • Public Policy Analyst
  • Administrator ( for Public Institutions such as hospitals, parastatals)
  • Child Protection Officer
  • Demographer
  • Civil Service Executive
  • Community Development Officer
  • Gender Officer
  • Child/Family Therapist 
  • Medical Social Worker
  • Correctional Worker

Graduates can work with the private sector as:

  • Consultant
  • Human Resource Manager
  • Public Affairs Consultants/Officer
  • Industrial Relations Officer
  • Social Policy Analyst
  • Monitoring and Evaluation Officer

Graduates can work with NGOs, CBOs, FBOs as:

  • Project Director/Manager
  • Social Worker
  • Human Rights Advocacy Officer
  • Counselor
  • Youth Worker
  • Gender Officer
  • Child Welfare Officer
  • Child Development Officer

Admission Criteria for this program.

  • Candidates seeking admission through the direct entry scheme to Diploma in this Program require at least one principal Pass in Uganda Advanced Certificate of Education (UACE) and at least 5 passed and the same sitting in Uganda Certificate of Education (UCE). However, candidates with an academic certificate from a recognized institution of higher learning in a similar field will qualify for a diploma in this program.
  • Candidates seeking admission through the direct entry scheme to Bachelor’s degree in this Program require at least two principal Passes in Uganda Advanced Certificate of Education (UACE) and at least 5 passes in Uganda Certificate of Education (UCE) or a second Lower-division diploma in a similar field.
  • Candidates who do not meet the above criteria will be allowed to join and will be first admitted to a Higher Education Certificate which is an equivalence of A ‘level attended for 8 Months. Candidates who succeed in this course will be directly admitted to the program of their choice according to their level of performance.
  • This (Higher Education Certificate) Program Only Apply to candidates who passed through A ‘level and didn’t meet the admission criteria. It also applies to international students with study levels that do not qualify them direct entry.

Mode of Study

Full semester sessions twice a year, 2 years for Diploma and for 3 years for a Bachelor’s Degree.