Public Health

This program focuses on individual, community and population well-being with an emphasis on primary health care, health promotion, health policy and planning, epidemiology and health research.

The program is designed to empower students to employ preventive measures against diseases and increase awareness of health risks in communities. Deaths can be averted if inventions at community level are focused on changing what makes people sick

The student is equipped with the knowledge to research and assess individual and community health risk factors, needs and issues.

Also, encourage students to develop and implement interventions and programs to address public health in collaboration with other stakeholders and provide health education and leadership to the public

It is also intended to advocate for the formulation and implementation of policy for holistic public health, demonstrate a global perspective on health issues and model Christ in all aspects of services

A graduate of the Bachelor of Public Health (BPH) can work with Government as:

  • Public Health Inspector 
  • Community Health Inspector
  • Environmental Health Specialist
  • Emergency Preparedness Specialist
  • Behavioral Health Analyst
  • Health Policy Advisor/Analyst
  • Medical Records Representative

A Graduate can work with the private sector as:

  • Health Policy Advisor
  • Consumer Safety Officer
  • Health Services Researcher
  • Disease Ecologist
  • Nutrition Advisor

A Graduate can work with NGOs, CBOs, FBOs as

  • Health Educator
  • Health Counselor 
  • Public Health Information Officer
  • Health Advocacy officer
  • Maternal Health Advocate
  • Community Health Advocate

Admission Criteria for this program.

  • Candidates seeking admission through the direct entry scheme to Bachelor’s degree in this Program require at least two principal Passes in Uganda Advanced Certificate of Education (UACE) and at least 5 passes in Uganda Certificate of Education (UCE with Biology inclusive) or a second Lower-division diploma in a similar field.
  • Candidates who do not meet the above criteria will be allowed to join and will be first admitted to a Higher Education Certificate which is an equivalence of A ‘level attended for 8 Months. Candidates who succeed in this course will be directly admitted to the program of their choice according to their level of performance.
  • This (Higher Education Certificate) Program Only Apply to candidates who passed through A ‘level and didn’t meet the admission criteria. It also applies to international students with study levels that do not qualify them direct entry.

Mode of Study

Full semester sessions twice a year for 3 years for a Bachelor’s Degree.