Rev. Peter Kasirivu
Reverend Peter Kasirivu is the founder Africa Renewal University , Gaba Community Church and the President of Africa Renewal Ministries. He is an international speaker and author. Peter and his wife, Irene, have four children, James, Lydia, Joy and Isaac. 
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Dr. David Fugoyo
David served as the Department Head of Theology at AfRU before serving as the Deputy Vice Chancellor of Finance and Administration. His dissertation, published in 2014, was titled “Lapses in Leadership from the Book of Judges. He is married to Joyce and they are blessed with two girls.
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DVC Development & Partnership
Dr. Dennis Kilama
Kilama Dennis, is the Deputy Vice-Chancellor Africa Renewal University, Kilama Dennis is married to Yvonne Kilama and together they have three Children Nelson, Noel and Natania.
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Director Academic Affairs
Vincent Byamukama
Vincent Byamukama serves as the Director Academic Affairs of Africa Renewal University (AfRU). He holds a BA in Social Sciences from Makerere University Kampala, MA in Development Studies from Uganda Martyrs University and a PhD candidate in Organizational Leadership from Capital Seminary and Graduate School in Pennsylvania, USA
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Dean Of students
James Masaba
James as served as AfRU Dean of Students since 2010. Has been in Education since graduation serving as a teacher and Head teacher. He is married to one wife, and together they they have 4 children.
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Director Human Resource Development
Iriet Namaja Carolyne
IRIET NAMAJA CAROLYNE serves as the Director Human resource Development at Africa Renewal University.
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Quality Assurance Director
Samuel Onyait
Samuel served as the Academic Dean and Student Dean of Pentecostal Theological College in Mbale worked with Child Restoration Outreach and served as Youth Pastor for the Pentecostal Assemblies of God Church in Mbale before coming to AfRU. Sam and his wife, Susan, have 5 children.
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University Chaplain
Renson Mwawasi
Renson holds a Bachelor of Theology (Mission and Intercultural Studies), a Master of Business Administration, and is currently perusing admission to a Ph.D. in management.
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Assistant Dean of Students
Tindimwebwa Joseline Atuhwera
BSWSA (UCU), MPH Candidate (UCU) Joseline joined the AfRU staff in the Student Life Department in April 2010 before becoming the Department Head of Community Health and Women’s Dean. She and her husband, Nicholas, have one daughter named Emily.
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