In 2009, a 3- year plan was created for measuring the progress of AfRU. This plan paved the way for the University’s expansion to a 20+ acre campus in Buloba and its transition from the Gaba Bible Institute to Africa Renewal University.
In 2012, Africa Renewal University developed a new 3- year strategy as summarized below.


To establish a premier Christian University committed to equipping Christian leaders for the transformation of society.



  • To develop unique programmes with a Christian worldview embedded into the framework of each class
  • To build a University campus that provides a model of our Christian worldview in the way we care for creation
  • To provide practical outlets for students to apply a Christian worldview through serving the community
  • To become sustainable in providing Christian worldview training through recruiting excellent staff committed to producing quality graduates
  • To transition supporters to partners and advocates as we collaborate to raise up the next generation of Christian leaders for Africa