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Business Administration Theology Social Works and Social Administration
This program is designed to equip students with knowledge and skills to become outstanding business Leaders, Managers and entrepreneurs who will not only meet but surpass the needs of the changing national and global business environment. A student will be able to develop strategies to effectively carry out ministry both within and outside the church circle. Emphasis is placed on the transformation of the student’s life and practical ministry through which God can be glorified in the society. The program integrates cutting edge professional skills, a passion for transformation and integrity of character into social work practice, these graduates should be agents of holistic transformation in their localities and beyond
Information Technology Public Health Child Development
Technology is advancing fast to control nearly every aspect of human activity especially business. Therefore, Information Technology is an attempt to prepare professionals in computer and  technology who will have an edge as they apply what they have learnt to a variety of other careers in life.,..    This program focuses on individual, community and population well-being with emphasis on primary health care, health promotion, health policy and planning, epidemiology and health research…. As the students undergo this program, they will move from courses focused on foundation theory to those that address accepted best practices and the skills they need to help keep all categories of children in the diverse communities…..
Journalism and Multimedia  Community development Disability Studies and Special Needs Education
The Journalism and Multimedia Communication Technology is   designed to equip students with not only outstanding theoretical and practical foundation in the fields of Print Media, Broadcasting, Multi-Media (Internet-based operations), Public Relations, Advertising, and Photojournalism but will also equip them to be agents of transformation – bringing the gospel and serving God’s agenda in the media sector.  The program emphasizes research on contemporary development issues and how this research can inform our practice basic to this program is the understanding to be transformational, community development interventions must be holistic, involving all aspects of community life, social spiritual economic and political… The program is integrative which provides students with special education, leadership, advocacy, religious and holistic training, equipping them to counsel, support, teach and lead initiatives and projects aimed at creating awareness and addressing the well-being of disabilities…