Exam time table

Exam time table

January to May Semester, Draft Exam Time Table.

Following the Covid-19 pandemic that effectively disabled face to face to face interaction between lecturers and students, the university senate and the faculty committee approved online exams due to 21 September 2020 to cover up and finish the previous January to May Semester as we prepare for Online September Intake.


  • Only students who have cleared all bills will access the exams.
  • Students should pay their NCHE Fees on Account Number: 9030005961997  (Stanbic bank) and 01983501005437 (DFCU Bank)
  • Account name: National Council For Higher Education
  • Only Students Outside Uganda can pay National Council Fees directly on the University Account and inform the finance office by email: imabaku@africarenewaluniversity.org

Download  Final Exam Time Table

Date Unit Program
21st Sept
9.am- 1pm
Business Ethics BBA 2.2
Scientific Writing and Study Skills HEC 1.2
Gender & Community Development BCMD2.2
Introduction to biostatistics BCH 1.2
Administrative Law BSW 2.2
New Testament Survey 1.2-ALL
Principles of Teaching BTH 2.2, 3.1
Theory & Practice Management BBA 1.2
History policy & legislation on disability DSSE 1.2
Global Perspective on Childhood D&BCHD2.2
Investment Analysis & Portfolio Mgt BBA 3.2
Programming methods with C++ DCIT 2.2 BCIT 2.2
Introduction to Operating Systems CIT,BCIT&DCIT 1.2
Speech Disorder & Speech Therapy DSSE 3.2
Human Rights BSW 3.2, BCHD 3.2
Health and Human Rights BCH 3.2
22nd September
9-1 pm
Evangelism & Discipleship BTH 1.2
Social work theory and Practice BSW 2.2
Theology 3 BTH2.2&3.1
Children & Family Law. BCHD 2,2
Counseling & Mentoring Children D&BCHD1.2
Development Economics BCMD 1.2
Movement for people with disability DSSE 2.2
Environment & Community Development  BCMD 2.2
Economics HEC 1.2
System Administration BCIT2-2
Computerized Accounting BBA 3.2
Computer Literacy II  Group A  BBA, DSSE, BSW1.2
Company Law BBA 2.2
23rd September
9-1 pm
Curriculum Development and Teaching BCHD 3.2
Communicable & Noncommunicable Diseases BPH 1.2
Population Health & Development BCH 2.2
Business Statistics BBA 2.2
Self-care in Missions DCHD 2.2
Human Behaviour, Growth& Devt. Bsw 2.2
Transformational Leadership All 1.2, Less BPH
African Traditional Religions & Philosophy BTH 2.2&3.1
Information Technology HEC&CCIT 1.2
Mental illness & Psychological Disorders DSSE 3.2
Decentralization & LocalGov’t administration BSW &BCMD.3.2
Introduction to Occupational therapy DSSE 2.2
Foundational Statistics HEC 1-2
Database Management Systems DCIT 2.2 /BCIT 2.2
24th September
9-1 pm
Biblical Theology of Disability 2.2-BTH, BPH
Theology of Holistic Ministry D&BCHD 1.2
Social Psychology BSW&BCMD 2.2
Child Development Programming BCHD 3.2
Health & Community Development BCMD 3.2
Life Skills Education HEC 1.2&DCHD2.2
Computer Literacy II   Group B BTH 1.2
Intermediate Sign language DSSE 3.2
Legal & Ethical Issues on Disabilities DSSE 1.2
Fundamentals of Epidemiology BPH 1.2
Introduction to DataBase DCIT.1.2 & BCIT 1.2
Introduction to Web Design CCIT2.2
E-commerce/E-marketing DCIT2.2 BCIT 2.2 &BBA3.2
25th September 
9-1 pm
Children with Special Needs D&BCHD 1.2
Sustainable Community Development BCMD 1.2
Conflict Resolution& Peace Building BCMD&BCHD3.2
Elements of Social Work Intervention BSW&DSW1.2
Research Methods All 2.2
Demography & Population Studies BSW3.2
Introduction to Psychology BPH 1.2
Management of Financial Markets & institution BBA 3.2
Advanced Microsoft Access II CIT 1.2
Homiletics 1 BTH 1.2
Nutrition & Health BCH 3.2
26th Sept
Social work with Refugees & Displaced Persons BSW 3.2
Health & Wholeness HEC
Community Advocacy and Social change BCMD 1.2
Multimedia Technology DCIT 2.2
Adobe Photoshop CIT 2.2
Child & Adolescent Health BCH 2.2
Rural Development & Agricultural Extension BCMD 3.2
Computational Maths DCIT 1.2 & BCIT 1.2
Assessment for Educational & Social Intervention DSSE2.2
Quantitative Methods in Business BBA 1.2
Introduction to Disability Study DSSE 1.1
28th Sept
Computer Literacy II and Data Analysis BPH 1.2
Church History1 BTH 1.2
Mental Health BCH 3-1
Pauline Epistles BTH3.1
Office Application HEC 1-2
Community Health and Leadership BCH 2.2
Adolescent & Youth Ministry DCHD 2.2
Social work and National Development BSW 2.2
Sociology of Rural and Urban Development BCMD 2.2
Macro Economics BBA&BSW 1.2
Project Proposal DCIT 2.2
Graphics Design CIT 2-2
Computer Literacy II  Group C BCMD, BCHD, DCHD 1.2,
Elements of Taxation BBA 2.2
29th Sept
Maternal Health BCH 3.2
Introduction to social policy& Welfare DSW&BSW 1.2
Children & HIV AIDS BCHD,DCHD2.2&BSW 3.2
Instructional Planning& Curriculum DSSE 1.2
Water& Sanitation BCH 2.2
Disability Health & wellness DSSE 3.2
Purchasing & Supply Chain Management BBA 2.2
Fundamentals of Leadership HEC 1.2
Computer Repair and Maintenance CIT,BCIT & DCIT 1.2
Financial Accounting 2 BBA 1.2
30th Sept
English Language HEC 1.2
Public Sector Accounting BBA 3.2
Greek 2 BTH 2.2
Emerging technologies CIT 2-2
Ethics All 1.2
Project Planning & Management BCMD,BCHD&BSW3.2
Animal disease & Human Health BCH2.2
Behaviour Mgt for Children & youth with disability DSSE 2.2
Understanding Children at Risk DCHD,BCHD 2.2
Software engineering BCIT 2-2
Foundations of Autism spectrum Disorder DSSE 3.2
Cost & Management Accounting BBA2.2