Exam time table

Exam time table



  • Only students who have cleared all bills will access the exams.
  • Students should pay their NCHE Fees on Account Number: 9030005961997  (Stanbic bank) and 01983501005437 (DFCU Bank)
  • Account name: National Council For Higher Education
  • Only Students Outside Uganda can pay National Council Fees directly on the University Account and inform the finance office by email: imabaku@africarenewaluniversity.org


Date Unit
25th Jan 2021 Internet Programming PHP
Monday 9:00am- 1:00pm Principles of Primary Health Care
Information Security
Basic Concepts of Computing
Organizational Behavior
The Church & Community Development
Old Testament Survey
Development Psychology
Biblical Foundations of Public Health
Reproductive Health
Missions and Church Planting
26th Jan 2021 Community Empowerment & Development

/Social Work Community engagement

Tuesday  9 am-1:00pm Christian Response to Contemporary Social Issues
Benefits and Compensation Management
Visual Basic Programming
Computer Applications
Principles of Business Administration
Management of Organisations
Learning & Ministering with Children
Theology 2
Physical Disabilities & Physiotherapy
Audit Theory & Practice
27th Jan 2021
Wednesday 9am-1pm
Human Resource Management
System Analysis & Design
Programming Methods with Java
Parenting and Family Issues
Public Health Ethics
Child Evangelism & Discipleship
Strategic Management
Hearing Impairment & Sign Language
Health Policy & Planning
Computer Literacy I
World Religions
28th Jan 2021
Thursday 9am-1:00pm English Language
Research & Writing  Skills
Logic & Critical Thinking
Counselling, Consultation & Collaboration
Introduction to Counselling
Policy, Legislation and advocacy.
Introduction to HTML & CSS
Disease surveillance & Outbreak Investigation
Sunday School Curriculum
Computer Graphics & Image Processing
29th Jan 2021
Friday 9am-1pm Social Service Delivery Systems
Teaching Strategies for Students with Mild to Severe Disabilities
Principles of Health Promotion
Introduction to Development Studies
Theology 1
Youth and Children’s Ministry
Food safety & Biosecurity
Understanding Uganda’s Economy
Entrepreneurship & Small Business Mgt
Global Perspectives on Disability
Introduction to Social Work
Social Work with Children and Family
30th Jan 2021 Data Ware Housing
Saturday 9am-1pm Microeconomics
Negotiation and Conflict Management
Comparative World Views
Introduction to world views
Christian Worldview
Gospel and Acts
1st Feb 2021 Community Based Rehabilitation
Monday 9:00am-1:00pm Occupational Health & Safety
Community Integration & Vocational Training
Microsoft Publisher
NGOs & Development
Biblical Theology of Childhood
Introduction to Information Technology
Family, Child Care and Nutrition
Introduction to Psychology -moved from 20th
2nd Feb 2021 Introduction to Social Work Administration
Tuesday 9:00am -1:00pm Financial Management
Fundamentals of System Securities
Performance Management
Environmental Health
introduction to Sociology
Christian Counselling
Apocalyptic Literature
Fundamentals of Public Health
Foundation Mathematics
3rd Feb 2021 Pastoral Ministry
Wednesday 9:00am-1:00pm Fundamentals of Networking I
Persons with Disabilities as Portrayed in Film
Advanced Accounting
Web Programming- HTLM
Principles & Practice of Marketing
Monitoring and Evaluation
Introduction to Human Biology
Church History II
Communication Skills