Special Needs

Africa Renewal University is a Christian University that is equipping Christian leaders for the transformation of society. We gladly and humbly welcome all Christians, especially those with disabilities. AfRU offers several services in supporting persons with disabilities to earn higher education degrees:

  • Wheelchair accessibility throughout campus
  • Ramps to and from dormitories, classrooms, dining hall, and even ramps on our new 3-storey classroom block
  • Widened doorways
  • Sitting toilets
  • Lecturers and other staff providing in-class modifications and accommodations when necessary and needed (i.e. large print for exams, extra time on exams, peer note-taking, seating priority, etc.)
  • Student Council representative for persons with disabilities
  • A disability awareness week, with guest speakers, and a special chapel service geared towards bringing awareness to AfRU students and lecturers about persons with disabilities (usually held during the week of the Joni and Friends conference).
  • A BA program in Disability Studies and Special Education (DSSE), though many persons without disabilities are apart of this program, this course welcomes those with disabilities to join.
  • Disability Studies and Special Education Department with expert lecturers, assisting students with disabilities on campus for any needs they may have, regardless of the course they are taking.
  • Library with full resources and books on disability and special education for your own personal research and enjoyment, and for offered courses.
  • There are several students with disabilities already attending AfRU and taking various courses! You are welcome here!