Bachelor of Arts in Theology

Bachelor of Arts in Theology

Programme: Bachelor of Arts in Theology
Course Code: BATH
Duration: 3 Years
Intake: May/August ,
Scheme: Modular/Full time

A student will be able to develop strategies to effectively carry out ministry both within and outside church circle. Emphasis is placed on the transformation of the student’s life and practical ministry through which God can be glorified in the society.

This program is designed to offer students a holistic practical approach to ministry, while equipping them with both knowledge and skills in related, biblical, theological, cross-cultural, general education, mission related and community leadership studies that encompass the subject area of theology and the bible.

Imputes students with skills to demonstrate sound knowledge of unity of scripture, biblical doctrines required for defending the bible as one story that reaches its fullness and fulfilment in Christ against false presuppositions

Help the student to use proper and appropriate methods of interpretation, correctly applying scripture to the cultural world of the Bible and major aspects of evangelical theology hermeneutics in response to contemporary issue.

Help student identify the marginalized society (women, orphans, vulnerable children, disabled, the poor, those affected and infected with HIV/AIDS) and to develop a biblical response to their needs

Graduates of the Bachelor of Arts in Theology (BATH) are capable of a wide range of careers ranging from church ministry to Christian education, community transformation and ministry with special groups such as women, youth and children. Specifically, a graduate can work in the following areas:

  1. Church Pastor
  2. Church Administrator
  3. Project Director (Faith-based Organizations – FBOs)
  4. Director of:
      • Youth Ministry
      • Children’s Ministry
      • Women’s Ministry
      • Missions
      • Evangelism & Discipleship
      • Church/ Community Leadership & Development
      • Worship Ministry
  1. Chaplain (In institutions such as schools, Hospitals, Orphanages)
  2. Christian Counselor
  3. CRE – Teacher (in the secondary school Christian religious education curriculum)
  4. Author of devotional or educative literature

Admission Criteria to this program

  • Candidates seeking admission through the direct entry scheme to Diploma in this Program require at least one principle Pass in Uganda Advanced certificate of Education (UACE) and at least 5 passed and the same sitting in Uganda Certificate of Education (UCE). However, candidate with an academic certificate from a recognized institution of Higher learning in a similar field will qualify for a diploma in this program.
  • Candidates seeking admission through the direct entry scheme to Bachelor’s degree in this Program require at least two principle Passes in Uganda Advanced Certificate of Education (UACE) and at least 5 passes in Uganda Certificate of Education (UCE) or a second Lower division diploma in a similar field.
  • Candidates who do not meet the above criteria will be allowed to join and will be first admitted to a Higher Education Certificate which is an equivalence of A ‘level attended for 8 Months. Candidates who succeed in this course will be directly admitted to the program of their choice according to their level of performance.
  • This Program Only Apply to candidates who passed through A ‘level and didn’t meet the admission criteria. It also applies to international students with qualifications that do not qualify them direct entry.
  • Candidates seeking admission through the direct entry scheme to Master’s Degree in this Program require at least a second Lower Division Bachelor’s Degree in a similar field.Note Inclusive of theology is a certificate in Pastoral ministry, which is offered to all Christian leaders intending to have a foundation in theological training. This is a non-qualification boundary course, Christian leaders any person intending have gain a theological training is admitted. The minimum qualification is 5 passes at O’ Level and the passion for Ministry.

    Mode of Study – Online study and 2 weeks of class interaction during holidays, and Full time semester session
    Duration of 2 years for a student to complete a diploma in This course, 3 years for a bachelor’s Degree and 2 years for a masters and 2 year of certificate in Pastoral Ministry