Deputy vice chancellor

Dr. Dennis Kilama

Deputy Vice Chancellor

Dr. Denis Kilama serves as the Deputy Vice chancellor of Africa Renewal University. He earned a Bachelor of Social Work and Social Administration from Makerere University, a Master of Arts in Missions Studies from Nairobi Evangelical Graduate School of Theology, a Master of Arts in Humanitarian and Disaster Leadership from Wheaton College, and a Doctor of Ministry from Africa International University. He is currently pursuing his second Ph.D. at Indiana University.

Dr. Dennis Kilama has previously (since 2009) been an Academic Registrar, Department Head of Community Development, and Quality Assurance Director. Since 2015 he has been the Deputy Vice Chancellor of Africa Renewal University. Dr. Dennis KIlama has taught Peacebuilding and Conflict Resolution, Christian Response to Social Issues, African Church History, Ugandan Church History, Introduction to Missions, Church Planting, Refugee Studies, and Forced Migration in Africa at the university.

Dr. Dennis Kilama serves on numerous boards of directors both locally and globally. He is a Council Member of The Gospel Coalition Africa. A Commission Member for the Baptist World Alliance. A committee member on the pastoral advisory team of Medical Teams International. A pioneering coordinator with Perspectives Uganda. He has been involved in Redeemer City to City as a movement catalyst in Uganda. A board member with Children At Risk Action Network (CRANE), Living Word Uganda, and Kica Transforms Ministry.

Dr. Dennis Kilama is an ordained Church minister under the Baptist Union of Uganda. For Fourteen years, served as Senior Pastor of a local church and was involved in planting Churches and equipping missionaries to reach the refugees and the unreached people groups.

Dr. Dennis Kilama has published with the Gospel Coalition, Christianity Today, and local Ugandan Newspapers. In addition, Dr. Dennis Kilama wrote the history of the Baptist Church in Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda, Burundi, and South Sudan. Currently is writing a history of the Evangelical church in Uganda.

Dr. Dennis Kilama is married to Yvonne Kilama Nabwire and has three children, Kimara, Kigen, and Kica.