Bachelor Of Arts In Theology

Bachelor Of Arts In Theology

Description of the Programme:

In the fractured world of today, where there violence, war, and increased perversion in different spheres of life, there is a need for higher levels of biblically sound literate people who will respond to societal issues with a biblical Christian worldview. The ARU Bachelor of Arts in Theology degree provides the student with a wide range of knowledge and skills required of Christians for life and ministry. Students will be able to develop strategies to effectively carry out ministry both within and outside church circles. Emphasis is placed on the transformation of the student’s life and practical ministry through which God can be glorified in society. The programme content involves studies in Theology, General Education, Biblical Courses, Ministry Courses, Elective Courses and Practical Work (Internship).

Programme Rationale

This programme is specifically designed for undergraduate students who seek and are interested to carry out ministry; to offer them with a holistic practical approach to ministry, while equipping them with both knowledge and skills in academic, biblical, theological, cross-cultural, general education, mission related and community leadership studies that encompass the subject area of theology and the Bible. It will challenge them to live and effectively teach in the church and communities around them. Like J.I Packer states, “theology is for doxology” (worship), the goal of theology is to worship God. Thus, rightly said, theology is for every individual. As a university, we believe that community transformation begins with personal or individual transformation that then are empowered to bring about transformation in their homes, church and the world for the glory of God. Students accepted onto the programme will study the essential concepts underpinning ministry practice and sound biblical theology and demonstrate achievement of the required competencies in practice-based contexts.


Program Objectives

The programme is specifically designed to:
• Equip students with competencies in leadership, skillful handling of the Word of God required of ministers of the gospel to enable churches, constituent groups and individual members grow in all their avenues of life.
• Equip students with skills required in translating, interpreting, teaching and applying the Word of God with confidence.
• Equip students with skills required for church planting, administration, resource stewardship, management and problems solving in the church and communities.
• Enable students to gain strong biblical disciplines of the study of the Word of God for personal enrichment and transformation required of children of God.
• Help students gain a strong theological knowledge, understanding and skills in developing biblical responses to all of life issues and ministry in the contemporary context.


Requirements for Direct Entry Scheme

Requirements for Direct Entry Scheme:
• Uganda Certificate of Education (O’ Level) with a minimum of five (5) passes and
Uganda Advanced Certificate of Education (A’ Level) with a minimum of two (2) principal passes (Preferred but not limited to Food and Nutrition, Economics, Entrepreneurship, and Divinity) obtained at the same sitting.
1. Requirements for entry from the 8-4-4 System is C+ or 50% and a CGPA of 3.0 from Higher Education Certificate program.
Requirements for the Diploma Holders’ Entry Scheme:
• A relevant Diploma (with an upper second) or credit obtained from an institution recognized by National Council for Higher Education.
Requirements for Mature Age Entry Scheme:
• A pass of 50 per cent or higher in Mature Age examination, obtained and certified from a center recognized by National Council for Higher Education.


Program Structure

Old Testament Survey
Christian Worldview
Computer Literacy I
Spiritual Formation
Research and Writing Skills
New Testament Survey
Computer Literacy II
Transformational Leadership
Church History I
Christian Ethics
Evangelism and Discipleship
Doctrine of the God and the Bible
Church History II
Greek 1
World Religions
Gospels and Acts
Participatory Evaluation Process (PEP)
Doctrine of Man, Sin and Salvation
Biblical Theology of Disability
Greek II
Africa Traditional Religion and Philosophy
Principles of Teaching
Research Methods
Internship I
Pastoral Ministry
Doctrine of the Church and the Last Things
Pauline Epistles
Missions and Church Planting
Christian Counselling
Logic and Critical Thinking
Biblical Theology
Apocalyptic Literature
Church and HIV/AIDS
Youth and Children’s Ministry
Internship II )
Africa in Christian History