General Partners

Training Leaders International exists to provide opportunities for young evangelical scholars to be mentored and sent for the equipping and training of church leaders worldwide where theological training is lacking or not available. TLI partners with Africa Renewal University by bringing teams of professors to teach during our holiday intensive courses which are scheduled every January, May and August. We also work closely together to help identify teachers from the West who could serve well as long-term missionaries at AfRU.

The Global Alliance for Advancing Holistic Child Development (HCD Global Alliance) affirms the value of children. We understand that in order to properly care for a child, we must provide for the child’s physical, cognitive, social, emotional and spiritual growth. This is a challenge and a mission. At AfRU, we believe it is vital that the organizations who care for children have leaders that are equipped to share the compassion of Christ and hope of the Gospel to the orphaned, abused, and abandoned children throughout East Africa. AfRU has joined the HCD Global Alliance to equip Christian leaders with the skills and insight necessary to be powerful advocates for children across the globe.

Joni and Friends is an organization built on Biblical truth and the foundation of Jesus Christ. Joni and Friends is an advocate for the sanctity of human life. To that end, Joni and Friends has established a key department, The Christian Institute on Disability (CID). The CID is aggressively promoting life, human dignity, and the value of all individuals – despite their disabling condition – from a biblical perspective. In 2010, Africa Renewal University was selected to host the CID course “Designed by God: A Biblical Theology of Disability, Suffering and the Church” to train leaders in East Africa.