Africa Renewal UAcademic Excellenceniversity Library is a growing Organism. From the number of 1000 books in a small room at Gaba Bible Institute, the library has now grown to over 20,000 books in a few years. AfRU Library has one of the widest and largest collections of Christian Theological material in Uganda, The best collection of literature on Child Development in East Africa.

This was in partnership with Holistic Child Development, a vast database of online journals that enable students to read and learn remotely. We are also in the process of planning to construct a state of the art, high tech multi-story library building. It has been said, “If you want to keep a secret from an African, put it in a book” This statement is a bit harsh.

The truth is that Africa is a land, which has kept its history, tradition and culture recorded in stories passed down from generation to generation for thousands of years. Now, with advances in education and communication technology a whole new world of history and teaching has been opened to the rapidly growing literate society in Africa.

The challenge that Africa is facing now is that there is only a handful of material available to those who are eager to learn. At AfRU, our vision is to develop a world-class Theological & Community Program Library for our students. Currently we have a Library with over 20,000 titles. Our desire is to expand the Library to 50,800 titles by 2021.

Proposed Library Impressions
In order to accomplish this vision, AfRU joined the Langham Partnership (also known as John Stott Ministries). The Langham Partnership offers theological books for half the normal price. All purchased books are shipped directly to AfRU. We also joined a partnership with Christian an online leading shop. In support of the stated goals and objectives of the University, the Library is developing a unified programme of Library-Media Resources and Services. The purpose of this programme is to enhance instruction and learning in a manner consistent with the vision and curriculum of Africa Renewal University.