Study with us Online for August intake

Study with us Online for August intake

Online Class to Begin on 4th October;

We understand that our applicants and new students have concerns about the ongoing Corona Virus outbreak. We are following the advice from the National Council for Higher Education, the Uganda Ministries of Health, Education, and Sports, and that of Foreign Affairs, ensuring that the welfare of our students and staff is our absolute priority. Since the Government shut down due to COVID 19 pandemic, all universities and other education institutions have been going through tough situation of opening and shutting down in a bid to control the spread of the Virus. Africa Renewal University is therefore emphasizing  a decisive action towards full teaching and learning online for  all courses both at the undergraduate and postgraduate levels. However, as AfRU, we are proud to say that our students have never had a break in their studies since the 2020 march Lockdown, we have always used a hybrid type of teaching where teaching and learning was conducted both online using the Moodle e-learning platform and then face to face on campus. Therefore, as we adopt the new normal, our continuing students who are already well versed with the online platform through their Moodle accounts will easily adopt.

Subsequent to the approval by the Ministry of Education and Sports for Universities to conduct Open, Distance and E-Learning (ODeL), the National Council for Higher Education (NCHE) approved Africa Renewal University (AfRU) to conduct ODeL. This was after an inspection visit by an NCHE team at the end of July 2020 that thoroughly assessed the university’s preparedness for online teaching and learning. On 8th August 2020, NCHE granted AfRU permission to rollout ODeL for all its accredited programs.

Africa Renewal University is one of the very first 13 Universities in the country to officially be permitted to conduct Online teaching and learning by the NCHE. AfRU will therefore be enrolling its comprehensive online teaching and learning this coming semester for both continuing and new students at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels.

This is a very unsettling time for all our new students but please be assured that we will do all we can to ensure these changes will not affect your opportunity to attend our University.

 i. When is the start of the new academic year? ;We are still receiving numerous applications for new students willing to join us. This will go on through October 2021. Then registration and orientation for both new and continuing students will begin on 27th September 2021. Classes will officially begin on Monday 4th  October 2021. We all know the burden and the pain COVID-19 has inflicted not only on this country but globally. Therefore, to all International students both new and continuing who would have loved to travel to Uganda for classes, the COVID-19 situation at hand will not permit it. We highly encourage you to enroll for online studies for you to be able to access your lectures from the comfort of your home in your country; there is no need to travel to Uganda for classes until we hear from the government of Uganda. 

ii. What about the orientation for new students: We shall have Student Orientation Programme scheduled to take place from 27th September -1st October. New Students should ensure they come to the university premises to pick their admission letters as well as  oriented on how  classes shall be virtually conducted and clarity on many other  university policies including details about the precise lecture timetable among others.

iii. Campus safety; Our COVID-19 task force composed of seven members are conducting response protocols that are based on the advice of the Ministry of Health. We have undertaken measures to make our campus safe, including ensuring that appropriate social distancing and new cleaning measures are in place. Students and visitors to campus will each be required to carry a facemask and they will receive clear guidance on how to observe SOP’s to ensure everyone’s safety. Students will also be fully briefed on health and safety, as part of our welcome and orientation activities.

iv. How will the semester look like? Our committed staff have combined all the efforts together to deliver online classes with creative and innovative ideas. We will take advantage of our technology platforms but mostly taking advantage of Moodle and many more to deliver lectures online, based on how the semester timetable will be structured for lectures every week. Students will have access to online lectures and study materials that will allow them to work at their own pace, where and when this suits them. The study materials will be available on our Online Teaching and Learning Platform (Moodle) for students to watch and re-watch whenever they wish, to catch up on anything they may have missed. This will be accompanied by weekly assessments, tests, and course work.

v. Will students be charged the same fees? Yes, continuing students will pay the normal fees they have been paying from the previous semesters. We are absolutely committed to delivering high quality and transformational teaching and learning to the students of AfRU. However, new students have been subjected to different fees subsidies including full tuition scholarship which is award on merit or  competence of the student and performance.

vi. Do I have to come to campus for registration? We care so much about the health of our students and staff during this difficult time. Therefore, with exception of the NEW Students who will be required to come to campus for both registration and orientation, all our continuing students will not be required to come to AfRU premises for this September Semester. All teaching and learning will be online until further notice as we wait for presidential directive and communication from the Ministry of Health and Ministry of Education. Students are required to register online on their laptops and smartphones from their places of residence.

vii. Will courses and assessments be conducted online?; Course work, quizzes, and tests will be accessed online via our IT-enabled and highly interactive Teaching and Learning Platform Moodle.

viii. Is AfRU distance learning still running?; Yes, our Distance Learning Programme is still running especially for our undergraduate and postgraduate students, and we are accepting applications for the September and January Semester. Access application forms can be obtained on this site, on the front page.

ix. Are you still accepting applications for this intake? We are still accepting applications. Students who wish to apply should make an application via the online application form or can pick forms from the Registrar’s office at Campus.

x. What financial support do you have for students?; We have provided a general discount of 100% for ALL New Students. ALL Continuing Students will respond to the normal fees they have been paying. We will be available in any support you need.

xi. Do you have e-payment methods?; Yes, we do. You can instantly pay your Tuition fees at your convenience via our easy to use and effective mobile and online options. Use E-Payment systems for safe payments for our remotely located students.

xii. Will there be accommodations?; Our Dean of Students’ office is always ready to help students find safe, cost-effective, and comfortable housing to ease their stay at AfRU. With the current situation of COVID-19, students will not be allowed to reside on Campus;

xiii. Procedures for online registration; For continuing students, you can log in to your Moodle student web and register for the available course units.

  1. Enter the following address
  2. Look for the option of registration
  3. Select the course unit to register
  4. Select the right Arrow to move the course to your selection
  5. Save
  6. And exit.
  7. For New students, you will have an orientation of how to register from 27th September– 1st  October 2021

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